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Lionhart supports the heritage of British manufacturing and since the inception of the industrial Revolution ‘made in Great Britain’ has been the embodiment for quality, innovation and an unwillingness to compromise.

All brassware is manufactured by our sister company based in Wolverhampton, this is an exclusive collaboration of designers and manufacturers bringing over 200 years of collective heritage and creative experience. Together with state of the art machinery and a blend of customary methods this is key to keeping traditional techniques active and ensuring the highest quality of production.

Using the finest locally sourced materials and cutting edge CNC machinery allows each individual component to be machined with attention to detail by highly skilled machinists to then be sent through to our expert assemblers and polishers for finishing. Our sister company is also one of the only factory’s in the UK that still has in-house facilities to make the highest quality shower roses using the skilful art of spinning.

We designed the Windsor Collection with the mind-set of creating a product which historically references classical Victorian aesthetics combined modern features of clean lines and most importantly using today’s technology for practical function that will stand the test of time.

Our brassware products offer personalised solutions for all bathroom, kitchen and bedroom requirements. Whether you are working on refurbishing or constructing a traditional or modern project, designers and architects strive to accomplish a balance of high performance and elegance. 

You will find our products are made at our local factory from start to finish exemplifying the qualities of British manufacturing history, all parts and components of our collection are cast, forged, polished and assembled by hand, creating the most authentic high-end brass fittings.

Our exceptional products and services has put us at the forefront to work with leading designers, contractors, builders and bathroom suppliers. We work on all kinds of projects and have a great experience working alongside designers and contractors with detailed specifications.

In addition through our sister companies Kandola Silks & K Decor we have an extensive range of wallpapers and fabrics to choose from whether it’s selecting a vinyl printed wallpaper or a fabric to convert into a unique textile wallcovering to match your interior schemes.


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