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B E S P O K E  O P T I O N S

Brassware Handles: Choose from our distinctive handle styles in fine English porcelain, solid brass or exclusive Swarovski Crystal finishes. Lionhart offers a choice of traditional cross-top or lever handle or the modern crystal ball and art deco styles. All taps and mixers operate as quarter-turn handles. Swarovski components can be replaced with white or black ceramics levers and indices. Available as plain, crackled effect or customised decorative design printed on ceramic components, ensuring that your luxury bathroom oozes style and functionality.


Special Inscription: Products can be provided with bespoke laser engravings, making their function easier to identify and their operation more intuitive. For example, this can be done with symbols for hand and overhead shower, with additional hot/cold markings. Personalisation using initials, logos or emblems is also available.


Length Modification: Some parts of products can be shortened or extended to the required length, which is handy if you require more scope for designing your customised bathroom. i.e. riser pipes, shower arms, free standing pipes.

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