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Please read carefully before installing.

Our exclusive collection of mixers, accessories, shower and bath systems are manufactured from the finest brass materials. Please follow these care instructions in order to maintain a high quality finish of your product.



This product deserves the maximum care and attention of a skilled and professional installer with sufficient experience to avoid disappointment. Under no circumstances should a silicone sealant be used when fitting or handling any of our products. If such sealants come into contact with the product, the sealant residue must be thoroughly washed immediately.



For cleaning and maintaining all our finishes, use warm water or a non-abrasive liquid soap that does not contain alcohol and polish with a clean soft cloth. Under no conditions should rough, abrasive or acidic cleaners be used. Do not use harsh abrasives, scouring pads, steel wool or metal cleaners as they may damage the surface.


Please note that all finishes do require regular basis care and it's important to clean finishes after use to prevent any tarnishing. Water should be dried off to prevent any build-up of hard water spots, which if left are difficult to remove. Such care and attention will also help prevent lime scale build-up. Any stains may be removed using undiluted washing up liquid.



Nickel finishes (Polished Nickel, Brushed Nickel) will provide a magnificently rich patina and age gracefully with time staying true to its habitual nature. We only produce non lacquered finishes, which is hand polished and if cleaned regularly with a brass cleaner will maintain a pure brass finish.


An initial coating of nickel is deposited first to provide a base for our plated finishes (Chrome, Antique Gold) to prevent tarnishing and improve wear resistance. Each phase of the procedure is controlled by skilled technicians to ensure the finest depth of metal is applied for a lustrous and lasting finish.


Antique finishes (Vintage Brass, Antique Copper, Antique Bronze) will gradually darken over time, developing a rich dark patina. This is a natural process and in no way reflects any kind of flaw in the quality. Your antique copper or brass product has been given a light antique finish. The light antique patina accentuates the variations in the surface of the finish and is part of the design. Once water dries, it leaves behind calcium stains which may alter the weathering process in an undesirable way. To ensure an even aging, it is important to remove water drops after use with a soft cloth or chamois leather.

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